Taylor was on Paul Finebaum’s radio show yesterday for close to two hours. There was audio and video, but seeing as Taylor didn’t do anything but fidget in a chair there isn’t much worth looking at. However, if you want it, here it is in both audio and video formats:

Video – .asf format (I played it on Windows Media Player and it worked just fine.)

Mr. Finebaum archives the audio of his shows on his website, so I want you to give him the hits (and show him just how popular a guest he has in Taylor Hicks) by downloading it from him here. Click on the button that reads “Show Archives (mp3s). Look for “04/01” – he has Hour 3 and Hour 4 marked “Hicks”: those are the ones you want.

If anybody has problems downloading directly from Mr. Finebaum, please comment here and I will upload the files to sendspace for you.

Happy listening!


Sorry ’bout that

March 28, 2008

I fixed the links for the St. Charles & Orange Beach folders in the previous entry.

I uploaded some new files to the following folders:

Myrtle Beach (03/02/07) <—- One, bad-quality video

Austell, GA (Six Flags, 06/28/07) <—- 2 news reports, 4 great fan videos, & 1 mp3

St Charles, MO (03/21 & 03/22/07) <—- 5 news reports, 5 great fan vids, & 2 mp3s

Orange Beach (09/02/07) <—- 5 great fan vids & 3 mp3s

Dallas/Grande Prairie (03/18/07) <—- 4 great fan vids & 2 mp3s



This is an anonymously operated, ego-free, simple-to-use “archive” for the purpose of sharing Taylor Hicks media. No passwords, no portals, no joining, no hoops, no secret handshakes or contracts signed in blood.

Easy to access media, ripe for the downloading – Audio, video, news feeds … whatever.

I’ve spent a lot of time tracking these things down all over the ‘Net and uploading them to sendspace. Sendspace is my distribution method of choice because it is so very easy to use and is cheaper than the other sites.

I am still in the process of uploading various media. My hardrive is full to just about bursting with files from two years ago up to today. As such, this site will remain a work in progress not only as Taylor continues to add to the bulk of his work, but as I upload as much as possible. Taylor Hicks is going to be impacting the music industry for decades to come and I hope to continue enjoying and sharing his music for the duration.

I’m no media-guru, so if you have issues with formats, viewers, or plug-ins I’m afraid I won’t be of much help, but you can ask me questions if you want. Who knows? I might know what the heck is needed. It never hurts to ask, right?

If you have any media you would like to add, go right ahead and gimme it. I will upload it to sendspace and post the link here with full credit freely given to you whether you ask for it or not (unless you want to remain anonymous, in that case I will make that notation on the file).

I am leaving the comments open ONLY as a means for you to ask me for stuff (any file in particular that you have been seeking? I’ll do my best to find it). So please – NO thank yous, NO Wayne Newtons. I mean it.

Happy downloading!!